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EANP advocacy meetings

Washington, DC

March 2017

with staffers from both the US Senate and House Committees on Appropriations, and with Philippine Desk officers and staff at the US State Department.



Network on the


​​Ecumenical Advocacy Days Workshop on the Philippines

March 2014 ~ Washington, DC

​Ecumenical Advocacy Days

March 2014 ~ Washington, DC

About EANP

​Ecumenical Advocacy Days

March 2007 ~ Washington, DC

EANP Profile


Mission Statement

The Ecumenical Advocacy Network

on the Philippines (EANP)

is a national ecumenical network of individuals, organizations, and groups advocating for 

restrictions to military aid appropriations, a genuine peace process, 

human rights,

fair trade and labor rights, and

protection of the environment and 

land rights of indigenous people.

Founded: 2007


Individuals ~ Faith Leaders/Groups~

Labor & Human Rights Advocates~

Environmental Activists


  • Outreach to congressional Appropriations Committee staff
  • Advocating for human rights hearings and briefings
  • ​Monitoring State Department Human Rights reports
  • Working with Human Rights groups​

The Ecumenical Advocacy Network on the Philippines (EANP) is a national ecumenical network of individuals, organizations, and groups, advocating restrictions to military aid appropriations to the Philippine government until there is compliance with national and international standards of human rights. 

Formed in 2007 in response to the annual Ecumenical Advocacy Days Conference which focused on the Philippines, EANP has collaborated with members of its network, including faith-based, human rights, labor, and environmental groups to secure legislative language that sets conditions on future military funding appropriations to the Philippine military. These conditions have required promotion of human rights including effective investigation, prosecution, and punishment of both former and present members of the Philippine security forces who have been credibly alleged to be responsible for gross violations of human rights.

Recently EANP has worked to expose the role of the military and paramilitary groups linked to the Philippine Army that terrorize and assassinate environmental and community groups who have protested actions by mining companies that destroy their ancestral lands.

 EANP has also called on the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GPH) to deepen its commitment to the peace process with the New Peoples Army to end the 45-year insurgency, by moving forward toward securing the goal of “a comprehensive agreement on socio-economic reforms" which is an essential provision of the substantive agenda agreed on by both parties in The Hague Joint Declaration (1992).